Sara Frances (photomirage)

For Sara Frances and Karl Arndt, mere sightseeing travel, whether around the world or next door, falls short. Karl and I want to dive into an event, move into the community instead of being sequestered in hotels, meet people and explore differences. Beautiful scenes are the stage, the set for people to walk on, and the heartbeat of real, human connections. The goal is to constantly reassess perceptions and attitudes - our own and that of others through our expressive imagery. We work together, building on each other's foundation. Ideas and planning flow, with an openness that produces serendipitous, in-depth acquaintance with found objects in the random environment. There is collaboration and debate of techniques and artistic principles when media fusion occurs on the edge of contemporary technology. Imagery is sometimes refined and quiet, sometimes raucous and noisy, always searching behind ordinary reality for something more, something of emotional and historic connection. Husband and wife yes, but we also demand a marriage of art, idea and approach.

"We're not satisfied if we don't learn something new every day. Our goal is to make what we do appear effortless and far more than the sum of the parts.”

"We are Foto Griots, tellers of tales of insight, culture and expression, through photographic or cinematic based imagery that is sometimes realistic, sometimes abstract. Starting out as documentarians, our style and ability have evolved far past photojournalism into what we call 'Storytelling from the Heart'."